Monica : On the road again…

Or pounding the pavement. Or hitting the streets. Or whatever you want to call it, UWSLoves is at it again today.

We are about to head down to GOLES with the generous donations we received overnight and those we were able to purchase with your support, so this will be a fast and furious post (and hopefully typo-free).


It’s been amazing to see the love heading downtown from all of us on the “other side of the power lines” and we appreciate it so much. As the power comes back on we’ll be shifting our help to whoever is still in need, so keep it coming!

And maybe you can relate in terms of this weird guilt I’ve been feeling about living here uptown, unscathed with my electricity and heat, much less internet and cable. I even got to attend a schmancy dinner last night just blocks (ok 40 blocks) from The Bowery Mission where we had just delivered our noodles and salad. So more on that when I sort through the conflict in my head and heart and have a second to purge. (I’m sure you’ll wait with bated breath).

But mostly, Thanks, UWS. We love you.


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