Mandy: Power Returns

So today was a very productive and very long day.  Met up with Monica, Kim, Phillip, and Melinda on the UWS and we filled two cabs with donated goods.  Our cab driver was saying how a line for gas in Manhattan went 25 blocks, so we were lucky to find a cab driver with enough gas to get us where we were going, which was GOLES, a senior outreach organization that tried its hand at organizing canvassers in Alphabet City. 

We met Tara (a schoolmate) and her boyfriend and some youth organizers she had worked with before and dropped off all of our stuff at GOLES.  By the time it came to pick up supplies to go the different housing developments they had already given everything out, so we picked up some more at a bodega (monetary donations being put to good use).  

We spent 3 hours taking MRE’s (meals ready to eat) up 16 flights of stairs in two different housing developments.  It was pitch black and pretty treacherous, but I managed to get out unscathed.  We knocked on many doors and managed to give out all of our meals.  My favorite moment was when a little boy told me he was Spiderman, because he was just as brave as a him.  

Then it was coming back uptown (took over an hour and a half with the transit problems here) to relax.  Which meant thanking everyone, catching up on facebook, making two huge tray of brownies (finally something was cheap at Gristedes), and coordinating with Tom to drop off a huge food donation that he was so gracious to provide.  As we were waiting for Tom, my phone rang, my cousin was calling to tell me that she had a huge amount of prepared food to donate on 55 Water Street, so Yitzy and I jumped in his car (thank goodness for him and the car this weekend) and headed down to the Financial District.  It is easily the most hard hit area that I have seen in Manhattan and they are working really hard to get the buildings habitable again.  She and her colleagues gave us enough food to feed upwards of 80 people, which we immediately took to the Bowery Mission.  They were very grateful, and I am glad that we have had a chance to create a good relationship with their organization.  They are a men’s homeless shelter that does good work all year round.  

Picked up a friend that was forced out of her LES apartment this week to drop her off at her temporary home.  Happy to say she has electricity and will be able to move back in tomorrow.  

Got some chipotle and ate for the first time since a muffin at 11:30, and I think it’s officially time for bed.

Thank you everyone for your donations and support.  We hope to get a lot done this weekend, so keep it coming.



One thought on “Mandy: Power Returns

  1. Susan Rose

    Good thing Spiderman was just a little fella! Can get a bit scary down and up there in the dark. 16 flights. Yikes!


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