HILARY: Showing Some UWSLoves on a Sunday

Hey Everyone:
This is Hilary. Or as Mandy is calling me, the social media/PR gal… coming to you from Mission Control.

It’s been an amazing Sunday with UWSLoves. We are in awe of the unbelievable amount of support from Upper West Siders. At any given time at Mandy’s place, we’ve had at least 7-10 people making sandwiches, cleaning, baking, sorting clothes and supplies to send off to Far Rockaway, The Bowery Mission and hopefully Staten Island.

The first car load full of goods just left for Far Rockaway around 2:30PM (thanks to Yitzy and his wheels).   But it doesn’t end there.  Round two is later this evening.  We just received 300 pounds of fruit and vegetables from Serene Green Inc out of Sag Harbor via the Hampton Jitney! Serene Green grows everything organically and naturally.  LOVE the support of local growers. Thank you!!! Thank you! Thank you!

Speaking of “Thank You” It’s truly difficult to thank everyone who’s stopped by so far to either make a quick drop off or stayed to help cook and sort.  We’re truly touched by everyone’s generosity.  And for those who can’t stop by, a monetary donation is always welcome.  You’ll notice the PayPal link.  So far, over $1000 has been donated to the PayPal account and with all the food and supplies we’ve had to buy, it’ amazing how fast it disappears.  We can always use more since we’re continuing to make sandwiches, bake and cook meals for those in need. We’ve now moved on to prepping the kitchen for cooking hot meals for dinner. Round two delivery will be here soon enough.

We will continue to take pictures so keep checking back.

And I’ll be updating via my twitter @HilaryRusso so check there as well.

Be well everyone. New Yorkers are strong and from what we’ve seen we are good people who take care of one another.

WIth Love and Light from the Upper West Side.


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