Mandy: Grateful

The day is officially drawing to a close and with the help of 25 people that have either volunteered their time in my kitchen/apartment or brought by an amazing amount of supplies, I feel like we have truly made a difference today.  The outpouring of support by friends and family through donations is truly startling as well.  We have already raised just over $2000, and we are starting to get donations from many people that I don’t directly know.  Thank you everyone that has donated and those that have gotten the word out.

As Hilary posted, we filled Yitzy’s car with sandwiches, baked goods, and all kinds of emergency supplies (cold weather gear, hand warmers, batteries, non-perishable food, etc.).  It was a hard trip for him to make because the devastation in the Rockaways is tremendous and difficult to see.  He took the supplies and food to the shelter on Beach 129th and the clothes to St. Camilia’s Church on Beach 110th.  They were very grateful, and as this area is just now really getting relief, it was the best place we could focus our efforts on.

Since the Rockaway relief is not active after dark, we then switched gears and took all of the collected women’s clothes, baby clothes, diapers, etc. to the JCC, who really needed baby stuff, so luckily we got another drop-off of diapers that one of our volunteers took by on her way home (Thank’s Nathalie).

Finally we focused on making a ridiculous amount of hot food to take to the Bowery Mission,  We used the eggplants from the Serene Green shipment (I have no idea what I am going to do with 100 pounds of potatoes, and I’m a little afraid that I will dream about them tonight, lol) to make a pasta dish, we had two kinds of mac and cheese, a chicken ziti dish, a fabulous bean salad made by Frank (everyone agreed), chicken cacciatore, and much more.  Enough to feed about 200 people.  We then packed up Carlos’s car Maggie with all of the men’s clothes we had gathered, the hot food, some sandwiches, and the apples from Serene Green and said goodbye to all of our wonderful volunteers.

It really was a fantastic day, we turned my apartment into a food pantry, catering hall, and distribution center.  And as I finally get some time to reflect, I am just so grateful.  I cannot tell you how wonderful everyone has been and how blessed I feel to be a part of this!

I have to start working again tomorrow, but we are going to still be moving forward with our efforts to help.  We will cook for tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday and we will have a big push like this next weekend.  If you want to volunteer or know someone that would like to donate we will have a place for both as long as people are suffering from this disaster.


2 thoughts on “Mandy: Grateful

  1. Letitia

    I think what you’re doing is wonderful. My name is Letitia. My friend Christine helped you cook meals yesterday. I’d like to help too any day this week after work. Please let me know how I can help cook or make some food with you.

    All the best,


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