Mandy: Sandwichpalooza

Today was a full day of sandwich making, baking, cooking, and camaraderie.  By the end of the day, we had 16 people that had been by to help make food, drop off food, or bring donations.  Most of them we had met through the powers of twitter, which has been an amazing tool during this crisis.

Some highlights of the day were going grocery shopping as if we weren’t in NYC and then realizing we had to carry all the stuff we got a half mile home, making a sandwich making conveyer belt (two people on PB, two on J, and two baggers), making a really delicious stir fry for the Bowery Mission and a banana bread for all the volunteers, and receiving this tweet from the Mission after we dropped off 350+ sandwiches, five trays of hot food, and three trays of baked goods:

The Bowery Mission @BoweryMission
@abicker Thank you so much for your generosity! Such a blessing that will help so many #grateful #sandy
Knowing that we are helping out the people that are so dependent on the Mission is a real blessing, and I know that we all felt better after spending anywhere from 2-6 hours making food.  One of the women that came out to help was supposed to run the marathon, so it was a bittersweet moment for her, we were really glad to have her help and her perspective.
Luckily tonight except for a few donations being dropped off, it’s been quiet and I have had time to catch up on sending thank you cards to those that have helped out so far.  Glad to have the downtime, since we have a very full day tomorrow.

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