Mandy: Anatomy of UWSLoves

As I sat with Hilary today as we made 120 sandwiches and 3 apple pies all while doing work, I realized that UWSLoves could only be possible in NYC.  In other places I would have a car and a house, but here I have a subway and an apartment I share with two guys (one of whom is my best friend the other has managed to sleep through all of our efforts).

So when we got everyone together on Saturday and Sunday, my kitchen did double duty as the kitchen and the office, the living room was sectioned off into the sandwich making area, the prep area, the coat closet, and the cellar (I stil can’t get over how many potatoes we have), the hallways (and we have a lot of those) were the drop off center and the organization center, my bedroom floor was where we put all the clothing donations, and my favorite the fire escape fridge.

As far as the car situation, thank goodness for Yitzy, Carlos, and Tom.  Tom took me out to Costco tonight afterwork to pick up all kinds of cooking supplies and some really high needs supplies like batteries and heavy duty trash bags for Far Rockaway tomorrow.  I also bought 8 pounds of butter, I feel like a mini-Paula Dean (I’m southern and love to bake, so it kinda works) I came in under budget somehow considering we had two full carts full, which made it a little bit like Supermarket Sweep.

Tonight I am going to make some more sandwiches while watching the Voice and then get up and make some hot food to take out to the Rockaways in the morning.

Thank you everyone that has donated today, and please keep them coming.  We are really making a difference and people’s need will not end anytime soon, unfortunately.

And I am happy to introduce our new twitter account (I went from never tweeting, to having two accounts in a week).  Follow us at

2 thoughts on “Mandy: Anatomy of UWSLoves

  1. Caitlin Shockley

    Hi! I would love to help – I have scattered meetings over the next couple of days, but could I drop off some things to donate? I’m gathering up things in my apt now, and will make a run to a drugstore/grocery tomorrow. Could you let me know when is a good time to drop off? Really amazing that you’re doing this 🙂 Thanks for all your efforts.


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