Mandy: The plan for Monday

So I officially have to go back to work, but will be at home for one more day (we have no heat in my building). So if you have coats and warm weather gear, batteries, flashlights, diapers, baby wipes, heavy duty trash bags, cleaning supplies, non-perishable food, water, and sandwich stuff please bring them by.  You can email at

Tonight I am going to do a Costco run and get a ton of supplies for us to get out to the Rockaways tomorrow, so during the day and early evening I will be around my apartment cooking and taking donations.  That means  missing a bacon dinner by a chopped winner tonight and a tennis tournament a friend helps run, but honestly I don’t think I would enjoy it right now.

Please keep sharing this blog as the donations and volunteering will keep us going throughout this tragedy.

3 thoughts on “Mandy: The plan for Monday

  1. Daniel Falcone


    I’ve collected a lot of donations (toiletries, socks, coats, cat/dog food, soap, etc.) and would like to bring them by today around 3PM. Will someone be at 167 W. 80th St. to receive them?

    Thank you so much for organizing this relief effort : )

    Take care,
    Daniel Falcone


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