Hitting the Highest Needs

Today has been ridiculously awesome!  Monica came home from Miami to an entire duplex full of donations for Hurricane Sandy victims. Many of them came through our connection to Occupy Sandy and our fellow UWSider’s on Twitter.  She and a group of volunteers spent the day going through all of the donations and then rented a 10′ U-haul. They drove out to St. Jacobi’s in Sunset Park, a location that ran out of supplies and donations today.  Last I heard from Monica she was on her way to Coney Island with the U-haul!  

The food-making part of our operation started last night as Mandy sat and watched SNL while making 70 sandwiches, and then this happened:



Once she woke up it was time to get started, so sandwiches were made and then it was time to roast all the beautiful squash and pumpkins that we got from Serene Green on Sunday.  That was used to make a huge pasta with olive oil, butter, roasted onion, parmesan cheese, and salt and pepper.  Mandy was super proud of it!  She also made a big baked ziti and three apple pies.


Hilary then came over as Mandy had her hands in some very hot squash to help make more sandwiches and help her out.  Sasha, a teacher at Bank Street Middle School, brought over a bunch of fruit and chocolate bars to donate.  Her students are excited about helping out, so she took bags of potatoes and onions back to bring to the school for the students to turn into Potato Au Gratin.

Yitzy then arrived and a total of 250 sandwiches, hot food, baked goods and supplies were sent out to Far Rockaway with him.  We can’t say how appreciative we are to have his help, especially since he drove down from Albany to vote, picked up the food, and then will go back upstate tomorrow.  He’s a born and bred Brooklyner and this has hit close to home.

When he got to the Church of Nazarene they happily had more food then they knew what to do with, but desperately needed the supplies we had (cold weather gear, heavy duty trash bags, batteries, socks, etc). He then went out to St. Lukes and St. Matthews in Clinton HIll to drop off the food as they were in need of all kinds of food.  

So today has been very productive.  We have supplied three of the highest priority areas in the city all with the help of amazing people in NYC and friends and family that have donated. We have also created a twitter handle and a facebook page, so we can keep people in the know. You can like/follow us on the sidebar.

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