Garbage Pail Kids to the Rescue

We are officially “nerding out!”  Ok, Mandy is nerding out.  When Mandy and Yitzy were packing his car, two men walking by offered to help carry the rest of the supplies.  When one of the men picked up the last load of apple pies, he told Hilary, “I’d love to help. I’m kind of a semi-famous artist.”  So, after getting everything set for UWSLoves and finally eating, we decided to knock on his door.  Turns out the mystery good samaritan is Jeff Zapata who is famous for drawing Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages and is associated with TOPPS cards and MAD Magazine.

Jeff Zapata’s artwork that he gave us

He is a really nice guy! Especially since he remained calm as Mandy was REALLY excited when she found out the work he’s done.  Best part of meeting him is that he offered to get his fellow artist friends together to create a set of special edition cards based on the areas that were hardest hit in NYC.  All the proceeds will go directly to helping those affected by Sandy through UWSLoves.

YAY for living in NYC!

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