Fruit Ninjas

So let’s start with the positive: Melissa and Mandy made 7 trays of hot food today: a fresh peach cobbler (using Mandy’s grandmother’s recipe, who was her food hero), a fresh pear cobbler, a chicken taco pasta, a beef taco pasta, a fresh green bean casserole, and a roasted autumn vegetable dish with all the fresh veggies from Serene Green (yams, onions, carrots, potatoes, eggplant, and two types of squash).  For two women, there was a ridiculous amount of food made.  All the while they were being fruit ninjas (Melissa is quite the peach chopper), Mother Nature decided to dump a ton of wet snow on NYC, so UWSLoves had to get on the road.

Carlos and Mandy headed out to Brooklyn just before the weather made it really dangerous to drive and dropped off the food and some much needed supplies at the Clinton Hill distribution center.  They had no hot food left, so it was set to go out immediately to different areas in Brooklyn.

Monica called while they were driving because dinner was needed for a huge family that was forced out of their homes in Coney Island and were staying with a wonderful woman in Park Slope who had started a non-profit that works with undocumented kids.  This family was in need of some yummy food, and since the weather was making it hard  to get them what we made, Mandy found a pizza place and bought them pizzas, salad, and drinks.  Hopefully enough to leave them with full bellies and maybe have some cold pizza leftover for breakfast.

Another great day at UWSLoves.  Thank you for the continued support, donations, and offers to volunteer.  We have some really cool things coming up to keep working towards our goals of feeding and supplying those affected by Hurricane Sandy, so keep spreading the word!

Speaking of spreading the word.  Due to so many amazing people and all the support we’ve seen over the last week, we’ve gone viral.

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