Today’s Plan 11/8

After a late night watching our country re-elect President Obama, it’s time to get back to work feeding and supplying people in need.

Mandy will be working with a couple of volunteers at her apartment to cook before the bad weather hits, when Carlos will make a trip out to one of the main distribution centers in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.  Yesterday, Yitzy dropped off the food there and immediately a car was organized to distribute it to the outlying areas that are underserved.

Monica will be collecting at her place the following high needs supplies:

– Blankets – Candles – Flashlights – Lights – Water –  Food –
Batteries – Diapers and Wipes – Gloves and Masks – Rubber boots –
Shovels – Cleaning supplies and bleach – Trash bags – Serving dishes
and utensils – Winter wear (jackets, hats, gloves, warm stuff) –

We still cannot take general clothing, so hold on to this or donate at the Salvation Army or the Goodwill.

If you can’t come out today, we will be doing a big food drive/cook-a-thon both days this weekend.  If you know anyone that is interested in volunteering or donating, please spread the word.  We are completely funded by the generosity of family, friends, and strangers.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

Now to the cooking and collecting!

2 thoughts on “Today’s Plan 11/8

  1. DM

    Thank you for everything you’re doing. It’s amazingly admirable and gives us all an opportunity to help here in Manhattan. Many drop off locations for other drives I’ve found aren’t in this borough.

    I’m spreading the word and sending people your way. Was wondering if you could list the delivery hours and address in each blog post, so new people know what to do/where to go?

    Thanks again.


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