Flour Attack

So far nothing has stopped us from our mission: snow storms, lack of access to cars, a shortage of gas, etc don’t have anything on us. But today UWSLoves and I have met our match: flour.  (Disclaimer: I am quite a klutz, so some of this may be my fault).  It all started on Monday when I reached up to get flour down to bake and managed to get a sizable amount of flour in my eye.  Not the most pleasant experience, but at least Hilary got a good laugh out of it.

Fast forward to today, when I woke up to find out that if you leave water and flour to dry it takes on the properties of plaster and makes it very difficult to wash off dishes, cutting boards, mixing bowls, and the sink itself.  My cleaning tip: run very hot water over whatever is covered in the flour glue and scrape. A lot. Repeat.

But flours main attack happened about ten minutes ago when I was making a double batch of chocolate chip cookies: about four and a half cups of flour with a negligible amount of baking soda and salt crashed down on my kitchen floor.  Luckily only my pants were hurt in this accident, and I finished the humongous thing of batter.

Hopefully, I will win the battle against flour as we continue to bake/cook for those in need. Make sure to send us donations/recipes and spread the word!  Look out for a sign up sheet for this weekend as we will be turning my apartment back into a soup kitchen/sandwich shop/bakery/and supply center.


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