Yogurt Challenge Accepted

Monica found a great link today about how to cook for large quantities of people, and one of the suggestions is use what’s available, and it’s definitely something I have been living by.

On Election Day, Hilary left a Chobani vanilla greek yogurt at my house and challenged me to use it to bake.  Challenge accepted.  Today I decided to make Lemon Poundcakes (mini ones and a loaf) because it is one of my favorite recipes from when I cooked with my southern grandmother Mimi, so I decided to make it, but lo and behold the recipe called for buttermilk and I only had milk. I decided not to frighten people by going out covered in flour, so I had to improvise.  So the yogurt went in with a slightly smaller quantity of milk, lemon juice, and lemon zest.  And let me tell you, this poundcake came out very well and very moist.  I also ended up coming up with a dark brown sugar recipe because I had no white sugar at the time, and those are pretty yummy, too,  Lesson learned, need and availability of ingredients spurs creativity.

Hopefully that holds true for this weekend as well be trying to make four full car loads of hot food, baked goods, and sandwich packs (with a veggie and a baked good).  Please check out our blog tomorrow for more information about availability to come volunteer with us.  If you have a car with gas and are willing to help us out, please contact us at uwsloves@gmail.com.

Keep spreading the word and we will keep cooking!  So far Blossom Alive has a guest blog written by me and Alejandra over at Always Order Desert has written a post about our donate a recipe campaign.  We even got a recipe from a blogger in India.

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