Volunteers Needed this Weekend

Last (and our first) weekend with UWSLoves we made over 500 sandwiches, 15 large trays of hot prepared meals, and dozens of baked goods to take to the LES and Far Rockaway.  This weekend we have paired with BKGirlsGiveBack to help feed a community in Coney Island that has not had hot food in 2 weeks.  Check out this facebook event for more information about what we are doing on Saturday.  If all goes well we will partner with them again on Sunday.

If you would like to volunteer, we will have two shifts each day at Mandy’s apartment on W. 104th street: 9:30-1:00 and 1:00-5:00.  We hope to get out two full cars of food, so there are many options to help out.  If you would like to bring food that is already prepared and hot, meet us at 1 or 4:00 as it will be immediately go out.  If you would like to come help cook/make sandwiches, please sign up at UWSLoves Weekend Cook-a-Thon.  We are looking to have 10 people per timeslot (you are welcome to stay the all day with us).  If you have not donated, please bring tasty sandwich making supplies (bread, meat, cheese, condiments, peanut butter, nutella, jam) or ingredients for something you would like to cook.  We are still looking for donated recipes as well for our UWSLoves collection.

As always you can find us on Facebook or Twitter.  Keep spreading the word so we can keep cooking with love!

2 thoughts on “Volunteers Needed this Weekend

    1. uwsloves Post author

      Hi Judy, sorry I didn’t get back to you. We just finished the day as we had to get the food out at 2:30. Please email me at UWSLoves so I have your name as we continue to cook.



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