NYC Boroughs Represent! More Volunteers Help UWSLoves Help Others!

As we enter our second weekend, UWSLoves is so fortunate for all the returning volunteers who are eager to help us. But seeing so many new faces show up at our door wanting to donate goods and help us prep meals is unbelievable.  What an amazing community that surrounds us on The Upper West Side. But we now have folks coming in from The Bronx, Brooklyn and even Queens.  It’s truly amazing.

First a BIG thank you to Alejandra Ramos for her amazing culinary skills. She and her husband Eugene made some unbelievable dishes for UWSLoves to send off our first delivery of the day.  Also, thank you Sasha and Bank Street Middle School who brought six trays of potato au gratin. Yum!   And of course, a shout out to Paul, Rachel, Brook and Amanda for being a part of the morning team helping on the sandwich line.

Earlier today we made our first big drop off of the day. Yitzy just left Howard Beach/Far Rockaway with a completely packed car full of sandwiches, baked goods and hot food.  Now it’s time for a shift change for the next shipment going out tonight to Brooklyn.   Mariettte, Adam, Oriana and Shivonna are busy making sandwiches and packing up baby carrots for snacks.  They are moving fast. So fast, I had to make a grocery run for more bread and sandwich fixings. They are ready to go!  Work!!!!

In the kitchen, Mandy and Tina are busy cooking while I take a moment to update all of you.  Before Monica heads off to Far Rockaway with a truck fullsupplies, she dropped off a ton of baking supplies so you know that’s a challenge for Mandy.  We saw what she could do with my Chobani Yogurt challenge. Let’s see what she comes up with this time.

I love listening to all the conversations happening in this apartment.  While some people know each other or caught wind of UWSLoves via our Twitter Facebook or website, many people are coming together for the first time. There’s lots of laughter during this difficult time but the comraderie is comforting and really creates a positive vibe for everyone helping.

The kitchen right now smells like baked ziti, biscuits, rice & beans, shepards pie and more. Along with the sandwiches our afternoon crew are busy making, we’ll send all this food to Clinton Hill during our second run later today.

Then, we get to do it all again tomorrow. We’re continuing to get creative in the kitchen and put together supplies to send off to our friends in need affected by Sandy.  We are going to need more volunteers tomorrow to prep for our Sunday run. I’ll be heading out to Queens Sunday and I won’t leave until my truck is full!

Thanks so much for all your efforts and spreading the word about UWSLoves.
We could not have done it without all of you!

In Love and Light


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