Our 11 day birthday

It’s the end of another full and productive weekend.  Today we sent out a car full of sandwiches with BKGirlsGiveBack for a group of elderly people that have not received much support from FEMA or Occupy Sandy. We then got a carload of hot food, baked goods, and sandwiches to the Occupy Sandy site in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.  I want to thank: Terry, Corinne, the two Susans, Charlie, Yitzy, Rosanna, and Moe and everyone else that stopped by to lend a hand.  As we are hitting the 11 day mark of working on this project, it was lovely to be with such great people today working towards feeding those that are still in need.  It definitely gave me some strength to keep working as hard as I can considering that the lack of sleep and food (for some reason cooking takes away my appetite) has caught up with me.

Now for the most amazing part: over the last 11 days we have fed over a thousand people and delivered high needs supplies to a great many more.  We are so grateful for the volunteers, donated food (both raw and prepared), donated supplies, and monetary donations.  So far we have received $1200+ in donated food and just over $4000 dollars in donations.  Which has made the last 11 days possible.  We have manage to deliver food on November 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, and 11. Hard to believe how much can happen in such a short time.

As I return back to the office tomorrow (we finally have internet back), it means that we will concentrate our cooking efforts on at least one day this week (Tuesday if we can find a partner to serve our food) and on the weekend. We will post here when we will be accepting high needs donations as well. I look forward to continuing to cook and collect donations as long as there is a need, but right now it’s time for some food, a nap, and football.


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