Guest Blog: Sasha and Bank Street Middle School Helps Out

Today we have our second guest blog.  Sasha, a teacher at Bank Street Middle School, made use of 43 pounds of potatoes and onions after helping out on first weekend cook-a-thon.  Her students found a recipe for Potatoes Au Gratin and made 6 trays that went out to families in Far Rockaway and Brooklyn.  We want to thank all of the students and Sasha for their wonderful work.

Students in the 11/12s at Bank Street School for Children were eager to help communities that were affected by Hurricane Sandy.  On Thursday, November 8th, we put on our chef hats to cook up some delicious food for UWS Loves! Mandy had given us lots of potatoes (43.5 pounds…we weighed them), and a bag of onions (15 pounds), so we searched for the perfect recipe. After much deliberation, we settled on scalloped potatoes!  We hoped this would be the perfect meal for families in Brooklyn who were still dealing with the aftermath of the storm.

During our silent reading period, we put down our books, washed our hands, and got ready to cook!  Some students grated the cheese, others washed and chopped the potatoes, and a few brave soles tackled the onions. The onions were so pungent, we were crying in no time. Even the goggles from the science lab didn’t help.  Everyone on the 4th floor knew something was happening in 405 when they smelled the hallway!


We put together the casseroles during recess, mixing the veggies, cheese, milk and cream, as well as seasoning with salt and pepper. Into the oven the trays went, and we went back to class. An hour and half later, the kitchen smelled great and our work was done!

Here are some photos of what we did.

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