Getting ready for another big weekend

It’s hard to believe that next Thursday is Thanksgiving.  The past month has been filled with recovery from Hurricane Sandy and UWSLoves has played a small, but important role in feeding and supplying those affected.

This weekend we will be cooking, making sandwiches, and collecting supplies.  If you are available you can find out more information here.

On a housekeeping note, we have had to change our email address due to a hacked account, so please email moving forward.

Thanks and we are looking forward to a great pre-Holiday weekend!

One thought on “Getting ready for another big weekend

  1. Jerry DArco

    We were recently delivered food from UWS Loves to Red Hook (141 Beard st bldg. 15). Thank you so much! It was much appreciated and helped many people out. We also took the leftovers to others in need at the Court Club in Gerritsen Beach Brooklyn. They were very grateful and we felt obligated to pass the thanks on to you guys. Thanks again!


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