Today was a good day

Today was a good day.  We fed volunteers out in Red Hook and people in need in Coney Island.  The most amazing part is that we only had 4 volunteers and 2 people dropping off food to make it happen (huge thanks to Mei, Yitzy, Rachel, Marc, Susan, and Daymani).

Here’s how it happened.  Last night Marc, Yitzy, and I went to Costco and managed to spend all of the generous donation from my hometown (thank you Peter and Jessica).  We had two carts extremely full and just managed to get everything in the car.

An elderly lady was dubiously watching and was quite impressed when we got it all in the car byways of Yitzy’s packing skills.  I then enjoyed one of the most interesting car rides of my life; we packed all the bread (46 loaves) and most of the loose items in the backseat next to me.  I was in danger of a bread avalanche at any time.  Luckily I made it home with only three or four things hitting me.

Then we had a terrific night making sandwiches and baking while hanging out.  Carlos came out and chilled with us/took some pictures, so I had three of my favorite guys right in the same room doing good.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

Midnight came quickly, so we went to bed and got up at 8:30 to start the day.  Mei came by at 9:30 and then the cooking really began as we had our first delivery set for Red Hook at 12:15.  So when Rachel came with the car, we had sandwiches, two types of cookies (brown sugar and chocolate chip), potato and onion omelet, two mexican baked zitis, cheese biscuits, and caramel brownies.  Rachel went out, and after a little bit of searching, found the BKGirlsGiveBack event that was cleaning up a warehouse that had been severely damaged by the storm.

This is a response we got from those volunteering: We were recently delivered food from UWS Loves to Red Hook (141 Beard st bldg. 15). Thank you so much! It was much appreciated and helped many people out. We also took the leftovers to others in need at the Court Club in Gerritsen Beach Brooklyn. They were very grateful and we felt obligated to pass the thanks on to you guys. Thanks again!  

Yitzy, Mei, and I kept cooking so we added to our 3:00 pm departure to Coney Island a huge and yummy chicken stir fry, veggie rice, a carrot cake, trail mix, clementines, and trays of all the dishes we sent out to Red Hook.

Once we got the car packed, we headed out to Coney Island, where we dropped food off at a church that has been serving food continually since the storm.  Just today they had cooked 3 times and were still in need of food. The most amazing part about this was the woman in charge lost her home and has been staying with her family in the church.  Her strength and perseverance was truly inspiring as she has cooked and coordinated the feeding of hundreds of people in her neighborhood.

Driving back along the boardwalk in Coney Island, it was clear just how badly this area was hit.  Many people lost homes and countless others lost their businesses.  It was clear that the work everyone is doing to help out is still in need.  Sometimes with distance we become complacent, but this trip showed just how important it is that we keep trying to help because there are thousands of people that still need it.

Tomorrow we are going to do it all over again for a trip out to Staten Island and an area that has not had a focused effort to feed people.  If you can come by between 10-2 or donate money or supplies please do, as we still need your help.

Event for Sunday

4 thoughts on “Today was a good day


    Hello Mandy-Thank you so much for all that you and your friends are doing to help the Sandy victims. I would like to help. I will donate money, but, what is the posssibility of adopting a particular family?
    Sincerely, Christina Davis-praying for ya’ll in Jersey and New York

    1. uwsloves Post author

      Hi Christina,

      We have been working with BKGirlsGIveBack who have been helping communities, so we have not done a lot with specific families. There is one that I can see would be up for that type of donation.

      Please email me at




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