Helping Staten Island

Today we finally brought food out to Staten Island, which means that over the last 2 and a half weeks we have delivered to most of the affected areas in NYC.

The day began with a slight disappointment as we woke up late with no missed calls or emails and realized that we were not going to have any volunteers today, except for my cousin Justin who was set to come by at 1:30 to drive the food out.  So Yitzy and I set to work, somewhat frantically.  The area in Staten Island that we were asked to help with today did not have the capacity to distribute anything hot, so we stuck with cookies and sandwiches.  We made 4 batches of cookies, which was enough to fill our largest tray and around 250 sandwiches.  We had an assembly line going by the time Justin arrived, so with his help we made about 100 sandwiches in 45 minutes.  It was clear that I have found my calling as a sandwich assembler, as I was faster than Yitzy and Justin combined.

Once we were done, we packed up Justin’s trunk and sent him on his way.  When he got to the area in Staten Island, he met Marge who was thrilled to take some turkey sandwiches and cookies, but she was unable to distribute the rest of the food. Justin was not daunted and did an amazing job of finding areas in need to drop the food off.  He hit two churches, a VFW, and finally a restaurant called La Rocca’s which took the remaining food.  Everyone was appreciative and so glad to have the food.  People were pleasantly surprised to find  that the food was coming from the Upper West Side by way of a Brooklyn driver.

On the whole it was a really successful day considering our limited number of hands, and I hope that we can continue making an impact going forward. City Harvest comes tomorrow to pick up 6 large boxes worth of food to support their Thanksgiving plans.

Thanks to Robin and Emili for donating today and Alice for dropping off sandwiches last night!  Please continue to follow us on facebook, twitter, and through this blog as we continue to work.




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