The Quiles Family: A Model of Strength and Compassion


The last couple of days have been very busy.  I now knows what it means to have two full time jobs: 16 hour days.  Luckily, I love what I do, and yesterday I was able to bring a massive donation to the Quiles family and the Coney Island community. This donation was raised during the Artisanal Holiday Sale coordinated by Lea Avroch.

At 7:30 I met, Maggie and her parents Milagros and Augusto at their church, which has become their home.  They lost their homes as well as two cars and the first floor of the church was completely destroyed, but they have managed to help so many. They continue to feed people every day from 12:00-4:00 and they converted their area of worship to a storage facility/distribution center.  

I was humbled to learn of the work they continue to do for their congregation and community.  After meal service, Augusto goes out to deliver more to some of the hardest hit areas in the community.  Many still do not have the ability to cook their own food and our waiting for insurance money to begin to rebuild.  

During our conversation, we decided on our next big project.  We are going to provide the means to prepare hot food to 20 families.  That means hot plates, pots, dishes, silverware, cups, etc.  I have already ordered hot plates and next Saturday, Yitzy and I will head to Ikea to buy the remaining goods.  At 12:00, we will help the Quiles family hand out the kits, which will provide a way for these families to be more self-sufficient after losing everything. 

If you would like to help by donating a car to go to Ikea, donating money to help buy a kit (each kit is 60 dollars and will serve a family of four), or getting the word out, we would appreciate it. 

On another very happy note, our cookbook is set to launch tomorrow, so look out for more information.  It has been a labor of love and I am very proud of it and what it can possibly do for NYC relief efforts.


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