Feeding Sandy: A Cookbook that Gives Back

We are very excited to introduce our new cookbook, Feeding Sandy: From Heart to Table!  The book contains 54 recipes and stories about the work of UWSLoves.  The book was compiled by Mandy Bickerstaff and designed by Carlos Bido, and we are very proud of it.

We want to thank everyone that donated recipes, their time, and money/supply donations, you have all been included in the book (so that’s exciting).

We do want to ask for one more favor. Please help us get the word out to your friends/family.  As the holidays approach, this would be a great gift, and for only $9.99 (you can donate more of course) it is extremely affordable.  They can buy the book from our website on the side bar or at www.blossomalive.com/feeding-sandy.  There you can also watch a video that describes our process and features narration by Mandy.

Countless hours went into finding the best partners to work with to get this e-cookbook up and available for sale.  The first is Blossom Alive, a start-up that is dedicated to providing guidance and recipes to support healthier and happier lifestyles.  They have generously donated their time and resources to creating a landing page for the book, creating the video, editorial help, and getting the word out.  We want to say thank you for all their hard work, and say good luck in helping us get this book selling.

Our second partner is GumRoad, a company that is all about democratizing the way people can sell their work.  Mandy spent days searching for the best and most honest way to sell the cookbook.  Amazon and the other big sellers take at least 30% out of the final price, and they have control over how they sell it and for how much.  Gumroad lets us set our own price and less than 7% goes to overhead (this includes the percentage that paypal takes).  Your payment is fully secure with as Gumroad has been certified as a PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the most secure level on the web.

This way we make the most of every dollar that we get from the sale of this book.

Our next big projects are providing meal preparation kits (hot plates, pans, dishware, etc.) to 20 families that lost their kitchens in Coney Island and providing holiday gifts to 24 teens through the NY Cares Winter Wishes program.  This is just the start hopefully and we will begin to impact many more families and areas from the sale of this book.

Thank you all again!



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