Something about Fishing


About a week after UWSLoves got up and running, a close friend snarkily told me “If you give a man a fish he will be fed for a day, if you give a man a fishing pole, he will eat forever” and to be honest I was pretty annoyed.  Not because of the merit of the adage, but because at that point people just needed highly nutritious food made with love, period.

Now as we enter the second stage of relief, it is clear that it is time to start giving people the means to return to normal.  When I asked the Quiles family in Coney Island what their community needed the most, they immediately responded hot plates, dishes, silver ware, cups, etc.

Many people in rowhouses, tenements, and first floor apartments have electricity, but are awaiting insurance money to make their apartments livable again.  So hot plates and pans are necessary to cook meals until kitchens are rebuilt.

As far as dishes, cutlery, and utensils, many people threw them out when clearing out their damaged apartments.  So when they come in to the Church, they immediately ask for these things so they can stop using plastic plates and cutlery.

This weekend we are going to bring these necessary items for 20 families in Coney Island along with 600 dollars in pantry items to get them started.  We hope to cook on Friday night (mostly baking), so there is some UWSLoves goodness being handed out as well.

We have a Facebook event posted about Friday night/Saturday night.  If you have any gently used kitchenware, pantry items, or supplies (cold weather gear, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc.), we will collect them at my apartment and bring them with us on Saturday morning.

The money for this effort was supplied by the 4-Toonist Auction, so thank you to everyone that donated art and bought the items (shipped today).

As always you can follow us on twitter, Facebook, and buy the e-cookbook.


One thought on “Something about Fishing

  1. Bob Hoffmeyer

    Great post, Mandy. Also great job on taking a comment that was inappropriate when it was made and applying it when it became appropriate. The Quiles family is clearly an example that those who may need assistance don’t want it to continue any longer than is necessary.

    Please send me a FB friend request. I’d send one to you but I don’t know your last name.


    Bob Hoffmeyer


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