NY Cares Winter Wishes Gifting

Today Carlos and I went out to buy our Christmakuh bush, who we were informed name is Frankie, which got me in the holiday spirit.


A couple of weeks ago, UWSLoves signed up to provide 24 pre-teens holiday gifts, many of whom were impacted by Sandy.  We got the wishes that ranged from video games to roller skates, and tonight I purchased all of the gifts.  The final tally is: 3 game stop gift cards, 1 Forever 21 gift card, 3 Old Navy giftcards (yay warm clothes), 2 remote control trucks, 2 remote control cars, 1 barbie with car, 1 You Can be President barbie (what i wanted to be as a kid), puzzles, 2 keyboards, 1 pair of rollerskates, a jewelry/bead making kit, spiderman and batman action figures (POW!), a spy net video watch, a cd player, and a pink ipod shuffle.  Phew.

But the best part of our involvement in this program, is that a high school in the Bronx TAPCO who’s principal I used to teach with , is taking care of the personalization of the gifts and filling the stockings for each of the pre-teens.  This is going above and beyond what we have been asked to do, and I think it’s wonderful that these students get to help out. Some of these students are in difficult situations of their own, and they are getting such joy from helping out

When I taught in the Bronx, I was barely surviving until I figured out that the only way I could get through was to do something with my students that led to immediate good.  So with the help of another teacher at the school, we created a cross-age tutoring program at an elementary school nearby.  And for three years, my students gave an hour of their life each week to helping kids in their community.  These type of opportunities are important for everyone, and sometimes we forget that almost everyone is in a position to help someone else with the correct outlet.

I’m really looking forward to getting their stockings back (I’ll probably be just as happy looking through them as the pre-teens that get them) and wrapping everything to take to the community centers to distribute.  I’ll make sure to take a lot of pictures to share!





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