Getting Back to Basics

It’s been almost 6 weeks since Sandy hit, and I can’t decide if it’s been the longest or shortest month and a half of my life.  I do know that with the help of many people, UWSLoves managed to make an impact on some of the struggling communities in the city.

The last two weekends we have been focused on getting the cookbook out and a wedding in Florida (yay Leanne and David), so I have not been in the kitchen.  I’ve definitely missed it.  So after 2 batches of chocolate chip cookies and a big dinner for Yitzy, Carlos, and I, I feel like I’ve returned to the basics of UWSLoves.  I of course made too much food, so the catering hall food preparation style has stuck.  If anyone wants leftovers, come on by (BTW, I am a terrible food photographer, so I promise it tasted much better than it looks).

I am happy to report that the food was quite tasty, so if you are on the fence about the cookbook, I can at least guarantee that I am a good cook. Tonight I made a salad with roasted carrots and eggplant, thinly sliced red onion, olives, and tomatoes with a citrus vinaigrette (inspired by my favorite salad by Carmine’s), the lemon chicken penne from the cookbook, and a garlic bread.  The key to my garlic bread is sauteeing the fresh garlic with olive and salted butter before placing it on the bread, and right before you put it in the oven sprinkle with shredded parmesan cheese.  Yitzy’s response to the bread/meal was pretty happy, and I had to rouse himself out of a food coma to do some of the dishes (I’m mean).

The last of the cookies are in the oven and tomorrow we start a pretty full weekend.  Yitzy and I will drive over to Orwasher’s Bakery to pick up a bread donation before heading out to the Quiles church in Coney Island with 600 dollars worth of pantry items.  After dropping them off, we will turn around and head to the Ikea Red Hook to pick up the rest of the meal preparation kits (pans, dishes, glasses, cultery, etc.).  Once we have packed Yitzy’s car it will be back to the church to hand out the kits to the 20 families.

Sunday we will get up even earlier to head out to the Occupy Sandy Relief Kitchen, were I will be a lead cook with a mother-daughter vegan team to get as much food out as possible to the Occupy Sandy relief sites.  Yitzy will help cook and then take out some of the food. I am pretty sure after the 12 hour day, we will be pretty pooped, but I am really excited to get back out there.

Next week we should have some big projects starting, a new logo, and a new website, so there are many things to look out for.

As always you can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or email me.

Here’s to a good, productive weekend!


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